As an influential figure in the creation of the ACM Group, Ayumi Sato has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to ACM Group’s principled and effective approach. As a result, Sato has played a central role in leading a cultural management group that has yielded extraordinary benefits for communities throughout Australia. Since its founding, ACM Group has relied on Sato’s leadership and has consistently expanded its efforts to encourage a greater sense of harmony among the many cultures that exist within an increasingly diverse country.

1. What trends are influencing your company the most?

The most obvious trend influencing our work in Australia certainly has to do with the changing demographics throughout the country, which is why we work so hard to bring people of different cultures together in an effort to encourage harmony amongst all Australians. We are proud that our work has had such a positive effect in helping people of Asian descent as they assimilate in a new country, and it is with great pride that we have offered extensive events designed to educate all Australians on the many different cultures that have made our country so unique.

2. What are the latest advancements that are changing the industry the most?

Increasingly sophisticated technological tools have made it possible for us to communicate with our members quickly and easily, which has been an absolutely critical development aiding the ability of the ACM Group to accomplish its goals.

3. What do you feel are the most important industry trends?

At ACM Group, we pay close attention to several trends we feel are relevant to our industry, but we are most excited about the growing interest in cultural education. Australians of all backgrounds are increasingly seeking out programs that encourage a deeper understanding of all cultures, and we believe that these programs can serve as a strong foundation for a harmonious future.

4. Why should other companies do business in Australia?

Through my involvement with ACM Group, it has become increasingly clear that Australia is one of the most unique places on the planet. As a result, the Australian economy is rife with diverse opportunities for businesses across all industries, and many of these opportunities have not yet been properly leveraged.

5. What are the most promising developments in your industry in Australia?

It is encouraging to see that there is such widespread interest in our cultural programs, and, perhaps most importantly, we have found that the overwhelming majority of people we interact with are most interested in discussing our similarities while encouraging individuality rather than highlighting whatever superficial differences might exist between us.

ACM Group holds events all over the country, and in preparing for these events we have been greeted by incredibly supportive communities genuinely interested in actively participating in our programs. This support and genuine interest from all members of the many communities we serve is so critical to the success of our efforts, and it is a testament to the kindness and sense of humanity so commonly present in all Australians.