Luigi Wewege has long been respected for his unique insight and expertise in the sectors of international business, management, and finance. As the president and CEO of Vivier Group, Mr. Wewege has utilized an innovative approach responsible for enabling the multinational financial group to enjoy a great deal of success while operating in jurisdictions all over the globe, including in locations spanning Oceania, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

  1. What trends are influencing your company the most?

Technology – especially the ever-increasing speed of technological advances – has had the greatest influence on our company, and indeed our industry as a whole. We are committed to not only embracing the changes currently occurring due to these trends, but to also stimulating further change through the development of innovative practices designed to take full advantage of the new technologies which are now so readily available to be used.

  1. What are the latest advancements that are changing the industry the most?

The advancements associated with digital banking have revolutionized all facets of our industry, and have forced traditional banking models to evolve in a short space of time. With financial tech companies as well as emergent digital banking firms influencing the industry to such a significant degree, the pace of change requires a true commitment to the development of new and highly innovative financial practices.

  1. What do you feel are the most important industry trends?

There is a reason behind why I published a book titled, “The Digital Banking Revolution.” The influence of emergent digital banking firms and FinTech companies have been prevalent, and is indicative of a trend that will continue to affect the global financial sector in a significant way for many more years.

  1. Why should other companies do business in Australia?

In my experience, from having conducted business in countries all over the world, Australia is keenly aware of how new and emerging financial trends might have an influence on businesses at every level. Due to Australia’s keen awareness is why it often is several steps ahead when it comes to developing strategies designed to encourage companies to do business in their country.

  1. What are the most promising developments in your industry in Australia?

Our industry by large has been pleased with Australia’s willingness to wholeheartedly embrace the digital banking revolution in a way that benefits everyone involved. Although many other parts of the world they are now beginning to recognize the potential benefits associated with such an embrace of new technological advancements. Australia and the rest of Oceania to date have shown a real commitment to blazing a new path forward, and taking action based on objective analysis of the possible benefits of doing so.